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Rainbow Sherbert #11, dont miss out on the hype!


Accesibility to the hottest craft strains of today.


Start clean! All clones are BUG, MOLD, and VIROID free!


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why greasy?

We love this plant!

greasyweeds - Established 2012: We are a locally owned & licensed Cannabaceae facility operating in Northern California. We focus on high quality, craft clones & seeds. Our clones and cuttings come from mother plants grown organically, pesticide-free, & non-GMO. Sourcing the very best in craft genetics for delivery to your door!


a healthy clone


a healthy plant


good looking mature seeds


The hottest hypest strains of today!

  • Apple Fritter available
  • Apples & Bananas available
  • Banana Punch #9 available
  • Biscotti Pancakes coming soon
  • Blue Limonenecoming soon
  • Carbon Fiber available
  • Dantes Inferno (Black Velvet) available
  • Donny Burger #5 available
  • Gelato #41 (Bacio) available
  • Gelatti available
  • Glitter Bomb (El Chivo #5) available
  • Grape Gas s1 available
  • Grandi Guava (Guava Gelato s1) available
  • Grapes & Cream available
  • HFCS (Black Amber) available
  • Jealousy F3 available
  • LA Kush Cake coming soon
  • Lava Cake available
  • Lemon Tree available
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato available
  • Mac1 (Caps Cut) coming soon
  • Menage available
  • Modified Grapes available
  • Northern Lights #5 x Skunk #1 available
  • Oreoz available
  • Pablos Revenge coming soon
  • Phantom OG available
  • Pinnacle available
  • Pre-64 Runtz coming soon
  • Project 4516 available
  • Purple Milk (Gaschata #16)coming soon
  • Rainbow Belts 2.0 available
  • Rainbow Sherbert #11 (RS11) available
  • Slurty3 available
  • The Soap available
  • Tropicana Punch available
  • Strawberry Runtz (Wowzerz) available
  • Wedding Cake (jbeezy)available
  • Wedding Crasheravailable
  • Z3/Hindu Zkittlez available
  • Zkittlez Bomb available
  • ZOAP coming soon

New flavors being added check back soon!


Questions? Feel free to drop us a line!

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Northern California, USA
Phone: +14157373275
Email: [email protected]

ALL SEEDS AND CLONES ARE FEDERALLY RULED AS HEMP under the 2018 farm bill (Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, P.L. 115-334) and sold for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY!! Clients must agree to abide by local laws and ordinances during purchase. Greasyweeds takes no responsibility for any misuse or unlawful activity associated with represented products.